Les Mots et les Notes, librairie musicale à Genève et en ligne.

CompositeurABBA         alerte
TitreMamma Mia! Here we go again
EditionHal Leonard         alerte
CommentaireThis 2018 sequel/prequel to the popular 2008 film of the same name again features the music of '70s pop sensation ABBA. Our matching songbook includes the songs
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1. andante, andante
10. knowing me, knowing you
11. mamma mia
12. my love, my life
13. the name of the game
14. one of us
15. super trouper
16. waterloo
17. when i kissed the teacher
18. why did it have to be me?
2. angel eyes
3. dancing queen
4. the day before you came
5. fernando
6. i have a dream
7. i wonder (departure)
8. i’ve been waiting for you
9. kisses of fire