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TitreEasy Contemporary Pieces For Solo Piano
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CommentaireFeaturing works from 19 of the world's leading composers, Easy Contemporary Pieces reflects the tremendous variety of styles prevalent in contemporary music. These enjoyable pieces have been selected to be accessible to both the performer and the listener. The 29 contemporary works in this collection have been carefully selected for beginner and intermediate pianists. Many of the featured composers are known for their challenging works. However, the difficulty level of the pieces in this book has been carefully considered to provide the best playing experience for pianists at an intermediate level or under. Several of the works have been commissioned with this in mind, appearing here for the very first time in print.
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2 years [cowley, neil]
A sentimental waltz [burgon, geoffrey]
Brooklyn [hauschka]
Chatterbox waltz [nyman, michael]
Etude no.1 [glass, philip]
Familiar [frahm, nils]
Forgive me [wiseman, debbie]
Fragments [hauschka]
Improvisation 1 [watts, sam]
Just a waltz [dickinson, peter]
Metamorphosis one [glass, philip]
Monochrome no. 1 [liu, bowen]
Monochrome no. 2 [liu, bowen]
Ode to joyce [volans, kevin]
Opus 28 [o'halloran, dustin]
Opus 36 [o'halloran, dustin]
Questa volta [einaudi, ludovico]
Sarabande [einaudi, ludovico]
Shard [cowley, neil]
Simone's lullaby [riley, terry]
Six secret songs no.1 [maxwell davies, peter]
Slumber song [gould, morton]
The blue notebooks [richter, max]
The dark bank of clouds [einaudi, ludovico]
The exchange [nyman, michael]
The tartu piano [richter, max]
Three secrets from the abyss no.1 [harle, john]
Tiger moth [cowley, neil]
Zebra music - vi. white on white [swayne, giles]